Sex clubs and prostitution in Zurich


Zurich is not only a major financial hub but is also renowned for its liberal views on prostitution. From Districts 4 and 5 to 6love, this city offers a variety of erotic services and makes it easy to find sexual experiences. Essentially, getting sex in Zurich is as easy as getting pasta at an Italian restaurant.  

Legal situation and development:

In Switzerland, prostitution is legal, which has led to a variety of available services, including strip clubs, sex clubs, and brothels. With the introduction of freedom of movement in 2002, the prostitution landscape shifted significantly. Now, many European prostitutes take advantage of the opportunity to work in Switzerland for up to 90 days annually.  

Street prostitution:

You may have noticed a shift in street prostitution recently. Whereas before, local prostitutes were more common, now many women come to Switzerland for a short period of time and are from South America. Additionally, Spanish is often the primary language spoken in the red light district.  

Tax aspects:

Sex workers in Geneva, Zurich, and the 6 other Swiss cantons must pay a night tax of 5.39 CHF (5 Swiss francs). Approximately 14,000 sex workers are registered in Switzerland, with 800 in Geneva and around 11 prostitutes per 1,000 inhabitants in Zurich.  

Escort service and sex in Zurich:

In Zurich, you can find a wide variety of escorts advertised online. Prices for an hour range from 200 to 300 Swiss Francs. The selection includes young escorts, experienced MILFs, and people of different ethnicities.  

Red light district:

In Zurich, Langstrasse is the most well-known red light district. Spanning from the courthouse to the main train station, its streets offer a range of services, such as massage studios, adult shops, strip clubs and bars. This area is especially vibrant and lively after dark.  

Street prostitution sex in Zurich:

In Zurich, street prostitution is permitted in certain areas; Häringstrasse in Niederdorf and the northern part of Sihlquai next to Limmatplatz are the most well-known locations for this.  

Sex boxes:

In Zurich, Switzerland has launched an innovative initiative to help combat illegal prostitution – “sex boxes”. These boxes provide a safe space for sex workers by containing an alarm button and added security measures. As a result, sex in Zurich is now safer for both sex workers and johns.  

Health and safety:

In Zurich, the sex industry is held to high health and safety standards. Customers and service providers alike benefit from this, as regular health checks and the use of protective measures are required.  

Diversity and Inclusion:

The sex industry in Zurich is characterized by great diversity.

In addition to people of different nationalities and ethnicities, the LGBTQ+ community is an integral and vibrant part of this industry. In Zurich there are a number of services and offers that are specifically tailored to the LGBTQ+ community. This reflects the city’s commitment to inclusion and acceptance.

The sex industry in Zurich not only includes heterosexual services, but also a wide range of offers for gay , lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and queer people. This diversity ranges from specialized escort services to events and clubs that provide a safe and welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ people.

Zurich is known for its open and accepting attitude towards sexual diversity. The city regularly hosts events such as pride parades and LGBTQ+-friendly festivals, highlighting the city’s diversity and commitment to equality and acceptance. This attitude is also reflected in the sex industry, which strives to create an inclusive and non-discriminatory environment.

The providers of erotic services in Zurich are aware of the importance of sensitivity and understanding towards the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. Many offer tailored experiences designed to respect and celebrate all aspects of sexuality and identity.

Overall, the sex industry in Zurich is a reflection of the city itself: diverse, open and inclusive. By including and accepting the LGBTQ+ community, the city of Zurich is sending a clear signal for tolerance and diversity in all areas of life.


Zurich’s red light district may come as a surprise to some, but it is a vibrant and safe part of the city. With legal regulation and a variety of services, it offers a unique experience for visitors. So, why not come and experience sex in Zurich?  

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