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Mygroundbiz is a website and online portal provided by FedEx for FedEx Ground contractors and employees. It is designed to help manage various aspects of FedEx Ground operations, including administrative, financial, and operational tasks. Mygroundbiz provides access to tools, resources, and information that can assist contractors and their staff in running their business, tracking packages, managing finances, and more.

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How it works

You will love the functionality

Mygroundbiz, the online portal provided by FedEx for its dedicated network of FedEx Ground contractors and employees, offers a comprehensive and integrated platform for managing various aspects of the FedEx Ground business. This powerful tool streamlines the day-to-day operations, financial management, and communication requirements for contractors and their staff.





Accessing MyGroundBiz Account

If you are having trouble accessing the separate MyGroundBizAccount site, call 1.800.HELPMIS (435.7647).This line is staffed Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – Midnight, and Saturday 7 a.m.– 2 p.m. Eastern. Any request received after these hours will be addressed as soon as the next shift arrives.

Registration: To access Mygroundbiz, you would typically need to register and create an account. This may involve providing personal and business information, as well as agreeing to the terms and conditions set by FedEx.

Business Management: For FedEx Ground contractors, Mygroundbiz may offer tools for managing their business operations. This can include features for managing routes, schedules, and personnel. It may also provide financial management tools for tracking revenue, expenses, and payments from FedEx.

Communication: Some online portals like Mygroundbiz provide a communication platform where contractors and employees can exchange messages and information with FedEx or with each other.

Access to Information: Once you have an account, you can log in to Mygroundbiz to access various tools and resources. These can include financial reports, package tracking information, business-related documents, and more.

Package Tracking: Mygroundbiz often includes package tracking tools. These tools allow contractors and employees to track the status of packages in real-time, which can be useful for monitoring deliveries and addressing any issues.

Training and Resources: Mygroundbiz might offer access to training materials and resources to help contractors and their staff learn about FedEx Ground procedures, safety protocols, and other relevant topics.

Account Management: Users can typically manage their account settings, update personal information, and change passwords through the portal.


The right tools for you

These three features are instrumental in streamlining the operations of FedEx Ground contractors, improving efficiency, and enhancing the overall management of their businesses.

Route Optimization and Package Management

Financial Management Tools

Communication and Collaboration Hub

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Nice and simple

Mygroundbiz is designed to simplify various aspects of managing a FedEx Ground contracting business. Here are some of the key things that Mygroundbiz makes simpler:

Overall, Mygroundbiz simplifies the day-to-day operations and management of a FedEx Ground contracting business by centralizing information and providing user-friendly tools and resources.


1. Login and Dashboard: Users log in and access a dashboard for an overview.

2. Route and Package Management: Efficiently assign packages, track in real-time, and optimize routes.

3. Financial Management: Monitor revenue, expenses, and access financial reports.

4. Communication: Use messaging tools for easy coordination and updates.

5. Resource Access: Access training materials and guidelines for better service.

6. Account Management: Manage account settings and security.

7. Support: Resources for assistance and problem-solving.

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Stay Updated!

Mygroundbiz has been a trusted companion for FedEx Ground contractors, contributing to their success since its inception. We continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the delivery industry.

For the latest news, updates, and important announcements related to Mygroundbiz, check our website’s “Blog” section.

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Unlimited content

Mygroundbiz typically revolves around resources and information that are valuable to FedEx Ground contractors and employees. Here are some examples of related content you might find on the platform: Training Materials, Financial Reports, Route Optimization Tools, Communication Resources, Forms and Documents
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Time saver

Mygroundbiz can be a time-saver for FedEx Ground contractors and their employees in several ways: Route Optimization: Mygroundbiz provides tools to optimize delivery routes. By streamlining route planning, it reduces the time spent on manual route adjustments and ensures the most efficient delivery paths.



The security of Mygroundbiz, the online portal provided by FedEx for FedEx Ground contractors and employees, is a priority for both FedEx and the users of the platform. Security measures may include: Data Encryption, User Authentication, Firewalls and Intrusion Detection, Regular Updates, Privacy Policy, Access Control, and Monitoring and Auditing.


Is there a free trial?

To find out if Mygroundbiz offers a free trial or to get the most up-to-date information regarding their pricing and available services, I recommend visiting the official Mygroundbiz website or contacting FedEx directly.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel a Mygroundbiz subscription, review the service’s terms and conditions for cancellation policies. Contact their customer support or log in to your Mygroundbiz account to access cancellation options. Follow the provided instructions and confirm the cancellation. Be aware of any potential fees or notice periods associated with the cancellation. Monitor your billing statements to ensure you’re no longer charged for the subscription. If unsure, consult the Mygroundbiz website or contact their customer support for precise guidance.

What happens when my subscription ends?

When your Mygroundbiz subscription ends, your access to the platform’s premium features typically expires. You may revert to a free or limited access plan, losing access to advanced tools and services. It’s crucial to save any data or information you need from the platform before your subscription expires. You can choose to renew your subscription if desired, or explore other options available. Ensure you understand the specific consequences and features of your subscription plan when it ends, as they may vary.

How do I register?

To register on Mygroundbiz, visit the official Mygroundbiz website. Look for a “Registration” or “Sign Up” link. Follow the prompts to create your account by providing necessary information, such as your name, email, and contact details. You’ll likely need to set a username and password. Complete any additional requested information. Verify your email if required, and your registration should be complete. Afterward, you can log in with your new account credentials and access the platform’s features.

How am I protected?

Mygroundbiz often employs security measures like data encryption, authentication, firewalls, and regular updates to protect user data. Your privacy is safeguarded through clear privacy policies, and user data is handled in compliance with relevant laws. Access control ensures users only see what they’re authorized to. Monitoring and auditing help detect and address security threats. It’s advisable to review the specific security measures and policies outlined in Mygroundbiz’s terms and conditions and privacy policy for comprehensive details on protection.

Are there any offers?

To check for any current offers, visit the official Mygroundbiz website or contact FedEx directly. They may periodically provide discounts, free trials, or special deals, especially for new users or as part of seasonal promotions. Be sure to stay updated on their official communication channels for any potential offers or incentives related to Mygroundbiz services.

Do you offer support?

Mygroundbiz may offer live support through various channels, such as phone or chat, to assist users with their inquiries or issues. Live support typically allows users to interact with customer support representatives in real-time to receive immediate assistance and solutions. The availability and specific hours of live support may vary, so it’s advisable to check the Mygroundbiz website or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on their live support options.

Where is your head office?

he head office of Mygroundbiz is typically located in the United States, reflecting FedEx’s headquarters. FedEx’s corporate headquarters is situated in Memphis, Tennessee, specifically at the following address:

FedEx Corporation 3680 Hacks Cross Road Memphis, Tennessee 38125 United States

Can I provide feedback?

Yes, you can typically provide feedback to Mygroundbiz. Feedback is often encouraged by service providers to help improve their offerings. You may find a feedback or contact option on the Mygroundbiz website, allowing you to submit comments, suggestions, or concerns. Additionally, if you have specific feedback or questions, you can contact their customer support to share your thoughts or seek assistance. Your feedback can be valuable in enhancing the services and user experience provided by Mygroundbiz.


Mygroundbiz is a website and online portal provided by FedEx for FedEx Ground contractors and employees.

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